What and How


Get organized

We all sometimes procrastinate and work unproductively. While we are
stuck in such behavior, we feel unable to get out of it.

What could help is someone who sees us from outside of the box, reaches out to us, helps to get unstuck and to maybe sometimes not take ourselves so serious.


Reflect forward

Always feeling busy, stressed, blocked etc, we hardly press pause to really contemplate over our lives at this moment.

We hardly take time to look where we are right now, and where we are heading towards.

Having a coffee together in a cozy café or via skype, we can talk things through. We can reflect over insights resulting from deep questions that can be sometimes moving, illuminating or encouraging, which will bring our own wisdom to light, and generate substantial progress in our lives.


Generate ideas

The joy of thinking in fresh perspectives mixed with a humorous mindset create an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere in which new ideas can flow freely and plentifully. Having a partner to bounce ideas off, we multiply the results of a creative process.


Get inspired and discover fascinating & relevant topics

Not only creativity, but also inspiring things love to be shared, and there are many that we are unaware of.

Whether it is this talk by Paul Hawken about the hundreds of thousands of grassroots initiatives for social justice and environmental issues worldwide, which he calls “humanity’s immune response to resist and heal political disease, economic infection and ecological corruption”, or this story of a guy that created a cheap, open source device that enables fully paralyzed ALS patients to communicate with their loved ones – there are thousands of heartwarming examples of positive change.

But the internet can also be a medium to broadcast global wake up calls, f.ex. this one.

Let me share with you the things I love most, and if you want, also some inconvenient truths that are crucial to be brought to a wider audience.

If you like to see more examples, here is a public mindmap with a small collection of findings: SharingGood.Info