About me

My name is Chris, I grew up in a peaceful little village in Germany with many cows and mountains, and turned 19 before I first went out into the wide world.

Since then, life has moved me through working in a bank, studying Psychology, living in the U.S., being bitten by a mosquito in Mexico that brought me first Dengue-fever and then my argentinian girlfriend Mercedes, moving to Amsterdam with her, attending Knowmads (an alternative education program for social entrepreneurs), and working in a small consulting company.

Finally realizing the years long wish to craft a ‘traveling entrepreneur’ lifestyle and do something that benefits people, Mercedes and me moved to Asia where we meditate, learn, and develop projects dear to our hearts.

All my life I’ve been enthusiastic about personal growth paired with the desire to share my plenty findings and see other people happy by motivating them to do what they want to do.